Cisco UCS – CIMC did not detect storage controller error

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During a recent UCS firmware upgrade I had quite a few blades show up with the error “CIMC did not detect storage”. Within UCSM I could see that the blade had a critical alert. It initially started after I upgraded UCS Manager firmware as documents in a previous post I wrote about UCS Firmware Upgrades. I did some searching around to find what may be causing the issue and the best answer I could find was to from the Cisco community forums to disassociate the blade, decommission and reseat within the chassis. I later spoke to a Cisco engineer and he advised of the same steps but that it was also possible to do without reseating the blade. This also looks like its a problem when upgrading from 2.2(1d) to other versions of UCSM but I haven’t been able to validate if it’s only that version or if it…

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Invalid adapter – iocard combination

Cisco UCS blade Discovery Failed with an error Invalid adapter-iocard combination.

iocard error

You may hit this error if you are not using recommended configuration for example:

  1. If you have 2104XP IOM and you are trying to install a blade with VIC1240 with a Port Expander adapter.( In this case just remove the port expander to make it work)
  2. If you have 2104XP IOM and you are trying to install a blade with VIC1340. ( This is non supported configuration, either we need to upgrade the IOM’s or downgrade the VIC to VIC1240)
  3. If you are using Fabric Interconnect’s 6100 with VIC1340 e.t.c.

supported configs

The B200 M4 with E5-2600 v3 CPUs requires UCSM 2.2(3a) or later, Blades will not discover if you have less that 2.2(3a) and may hit below error.

FRU not supported

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If you want to unmount a Datastore from Datastore Cluster make sure you satisfied the following conditions:

  • No Virtual machines resides on the datastore.
  • The datastore is not part of a Datastore Cluster.
  • The datastore is not managed by storage DRS.
  • Storage I/O control is disabled for the datastore.
  • The datastore is not used for vSphere HA heartbeat.

Step 1: Migrate all VMs form the datastore you want to unmount to other datastore.

Step 2: Drag the datastore you want to unmount and drop on the Datacenter name, you can drop outside the cluster but you will not get a space to drop if you have multiple datacenters in a vCenter.

Step 3: Select the datastore, click configuration tab, on the Datastore Details click properties and then uncheck the box to disable Storage I/O control.

io disable

Step 4: Right Click the datastore and select unmount.

Step 5: Select the hosts you want to unmount.

Step 6: Once you get all green, you are ready to go.

unmount datastore

Step 7: Double check the host you want to unmount and click finish.