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VMware ESXi 5.5 U2 / 6.0 Installation Error : Can’t have partition outside the disk

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Invalid adapter – iocard combination

Cisco UCS blade Discovery Failed with an error Invalid adapter-iocard combination.

iocard error

You may hit this error if you are not using recommended configuration for example:

  1. If you have 2104XP IOM and you are trying to install a blade with VIC1240 with a Port Expander adapter.( In this case just remove the port expander to make it work)
  2. If you have 2104XP IOM and you are trying to install a blade with VIC1340. ( This is non supported configuration, either we need to upgrade the IOM’s or downgrade the VIC to VIC1240)
  3. If you are using Fabric Interconnect’s 6100 with VIC1340 e.t.c.

supported configs

The B200 M4 with E5-2600 v3 CPUs requires UCSM 2.2(3a) or later, Blades will not discover if you have less that 2.2(3a) and may hit below error.

FRU not supported

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Cisco UCS Firmware Upgrade – Step by Step

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Cisco UCS Boot from Flex Flash SD Card

Things  to check when you want to boot Cisco UCS B-Series blades with Flex Flash SD, If the FlexFlash settings are not configured properly you might see an error like below:

raid degraded

Step 1: Check “Local Disk Configuration Policy”

If you are using RAID 1, make sure you have selected Mode: “Any Configuration” and uncheck Protect Configuration.


Step 2: Boot Policy

Make sure you have selected boot mode: legacy and select sd card in your boot order


Step 3: Scrub Policy:

Make sure you have selected FlexFlash Scrub: Yes and No to other options.


Once you have selected all above option then go to Equipment->Chassis->Servers and select your server which you want boot from SD , Click Server Maintenance and Re-acknowledge.


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