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HowTo: troubleshoot and fix VmWare ESXi boot stuck at ‘loading ipmi_si_drv’


The first post that urged me to write a new blog because of several hours of head banging against wall, scratching my hair and relentlessly typing on keyboard with random hits as if i caught up on some shockwave.

Yes, the VmWare ESXi clueless error, that when you are running this baremetal hypervisor, it gets stuck during loading stage, where its loading all modules, almost to end of process, it gets stuck with following message:

Loading ipmi_si_drv

After much of docs reading and agonising go-through ESXi manual, i finally figured out the solution.

Here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Restart your machine. Its always good to go for the ‘when-nothing-works-try-this’ solution 🙂

Step 2: Be very quick and sharp about this step as it needs to be done in matter of seconds.

The moment you see a black screen with progress bar saying LOADING HYPERVISOR , enter 

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